There’s a blue fug coming out of the study. Deep breath, tentatively proffer help. My Dad appears to have broken the Ryanair site.

Give up on IE, download Firefox (if in doubt try another page) and we’re away. His gnat like attention span rapidly wanes and he hasn’t got his glasses so can’t read the numbers off his credit card. Ask his disappearing pride what his mobile number is for the contacts. He doesn’t know. No surprise there then, but I’m bemused by the instruction to look at the back of the phone.

Deep joy……  both parents have labels stuck to the back of their phones with their ‘address book’ (including their own numbers) written in tiny wee writing….

Contemplate the fact they’ve mastered the light switches in er a new light. Muse further on the fact that my Dad’s allowed to operate complicated medical machinery and doesn’t appear to have killed anyone yet.

Finally understand where my deeply ingrained Ludditism (sp) stems from… as much chance a a cat versus a pitbull.

9 Responses to “Technofail…”

  1. Tom says:

    Ah. I have my phone number sticky taped to the back of the phone :0)

  2. Nicky says:

    But not your whole ‘address book’ surely….?

  3. heh. It reminds me of when my mom used to have a bulletin board of little post-it notes with written web addresses of sites she liked. :) (um, bookmark/favorites anyone?) Bless. But my mother has caught up with the times, to be fair.

    Deeeep breaths. That’s the only answer. :)

  4. Nicky says:

    I feel slightly reassured, my mother did once ask me to show her ‘the’ internet… I’m kind of relieved she’s forgotten about it..

  5. Tom says:

    Don’t be silly there is one of those in the phone. That’s just to point at people if they want my number :0)

  6. grant says:

    “I feel slightly reassured, my mother did once ask me to show her ?the? internet? ”

    I saw it on ‘The IT Crowd’.

    Anyway, at least your mother isn’t now on Facebook.

    I may not be for much longer. :-)

  7. grant says:

    Hm….technofail indeed.

    Have you forgotten how to work this here blog thing?


  8. Simon says:

    I was thinking the same Grant :)

  9. Nicky says:

    Nag nag nag, I’ve been busy duvet testing with a severe case of writers block or rather nothing much to say.

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