When nothing in my world is making sense, it’s all violin strings and piano wire, when my heart is bruised and bleeding and for all those moments in between. A savoured sunset, fresh air, big skies. The exquisite pleasure of self-inflicted hurt.

The joy of occasionally getting it ‘just so’. Nailing a corner or the softest of treads.

Giggles that pull my face into a smile, shared with friends or just the birds, no matter which. Adrenalin, unfettered freedom, unadulterated, untarnished *just because* bliss.

Riding makes my heart sing. Nothing else comes close. Unlike life, loves and the weather it rarely fails me.

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  1. grant says:

    On a day where I’ve been trapped in the house (with an external interlude to fettle on the Spot), hearing about the fun times everyone else has been having, this helped.




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