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”A convicted murderer is on the run after he fled a secure mental hospital, police said”. Call me a pedant but..

More happily – the Tornado, the first mainline steam train to be built for about half a century rocked into London last week. Eighteen years in the making, wholly funded by donations. Apparently most of the passengers were ‘delighted’ to have chosen style over speed. Marvelous, bring on the eccentrics, the ‘why nots’ and populate the roads with Morris Minors.

6 Responses to “In the news”

  1. Simon says:

    Steam trains are ace. I had no idea about this one, looks great :)

  2. Grant says:

    ?A convicted murderer is on the run after she fled a secure mental hospital, police said?

    Jebus woman, I told you just to maim him, not kill him.

  3. Nicky says:

    Nothing to do with me… and Grant will you stop pretending to be me .. the Scottish accent and trail of porridge oats is a dead-giveaway.. ;)

  4. grant says:

    Woops……….sorted it now.

  5. Raouligan says:

    Personally speaking the Tornado is a lovely thing, but not a patch on the Duke of Gloucester with it’s Caprotti variable valve gear, same pacific axle configuration.

    Trainspotter, in my youth, perhaps…..

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