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Random whiffle

Saturday, January 24th, 2009

I’ve been nagged for months about ‘this’, but thanks (grateful thanks) to Tramadol and (not so gratefully) a duff shoulder have spent most of the last two weeks asleep, so I’ve nothing much to say. Some might say I never have and they’d probably be right.

So here’s some random whiffle taken from a special place elsewhere on the internet.

T – ‘The bang was my drivers side mirror exploding. Wonderful – posh electric one at that’

P – Well the good thing is that it could have been worse, but wasn’t. The odd thing is that is could well have been mirror envy. A little known reaction between cars where one car sees the other car has a mirror with greater and more complex internals in order to simply hold a bit of glass in place, and so commits suicide by exploding their own inferior internals in a sudden and somewhat shocking manner. This phenomenon has also been witnessed in engines made by Ferrari, though there seems to be no visible trigger to cause such violent jealousy they throw their own internals all over the road with alarming regularity.

N – I like this theory do you also believe there’s a small imp like creature with a paintbrush and an easel inside your cameras..

T2 – Only on the old film cameras. Can you imagine how many imps you needed in a Polaroid camera! These modern digidol cameras do away with the easel and paintbrush. They just use a mini etchasketch with a USB port in it.

P – There are 44.8 million of them in my new one… I have yet to give them all names though

J – Christ – have you bought the Hubble telescope??!